19 Amazing Places You Need To Visit Once In Your Life

There are some places that look almost too good to be true. The colorful and picturesque buildings, gorgeous weather, and seemingly blissful landscapes are enough to make us dream. But these places do exist, and there are many people that are fortunate enough to live there. Here are 19 of our favorites, in all their glory. Continue reading


Scientists Venture Deep Inside Mysterious Siberian Crater And Come Back With Incredible Photos

Scientists are closing in on what caused three massive holes to open up mysteriously in northern Siberia last July. This week a team of Russian researchers roped their way down 34 feet to the bottom of the largest crater and found no evidence of alien beings or meteorites that some people had offered up as possible explanations. “We managed to go down into the funnel, all was successful,” Vladimir Pushkarev, director of the Russian Center of Arctic Exploration and the leader of the team, told The Siberian Times. “We took all the probes we planned, and made measurements. Now scientists need time to process all the data and only then can they draw conclusions.” So what did cause the holes to form? According to Pushkarev, the leading theory is that the holes were created by pockets of gas that exploded underground. Continue reading


Tiny Bibury a Fairytale Place to Visit

Nestled in the Cotswolds, Bibury looks straight out of a painting. It has everything you’re looking for in a trip to England — rows of ancient cottages, a picturesque old church, and the Coln, a river that leads straight to Bibury’s main street. It’s so bloody perfect, we can’t get enough of it.

It’s hard to pick a place more beautiful than the others at Bibury, but Arlington Row, a cluster of ancient cottages that have been around since the 1300s, is a pretty easy choice. With the Row’s stone slate roofs and old-world charm, these wee little shelters basically belong on a postcard. Continue reading


An Abandoned Prison Filled With Water And Created One Of The World’s Most Beautiful Beaches

Behind this wall lies Estonia’s Murru Prison complex, an abandoned jail that finally closed more than 20 years ago. Limestone used to be mined by the prisoners here, a forced task that made life in this Soviet-era complex a nightmare. But since Murru Prison’s closure, this area has become somewhat of a tourist attraction. The complex has filled with water in the quarry and is now an above-water playground. It’s bizarre to think that a notorious prison was just feet away from crystal clear, aqua-blue waters. But every summer this complex fills up with locals and tourists, eager to play around the dilapidated jail. The broken down complex is popular for water jumps. Continue reading


Prague Is Europe’s Prettiest City

Prague typically isn’t at the top of travelers’ bucket lists but we’re here today to tell you that it should be. Seriously, the place is stunning. Not to mention the beer is delicious and conveniently cheaper than water. Continue reading


Hawaii from a hexacopter

These bird’s-eye view photographs of Hawaii almost make you feel like you are gliding in over the island – and it is not too far from the truth. The images, which include the Wailua Falls at sunrise, the turquoise waters of Kiholo Bay and Puu Pehe, also known as Sweetheart Rock, were captured using a remote controlled flying camera. The shots of the Hawaiian islands of Hawaii, Maui, Lanai, and Kauai were taken by Seattle-based photographer Jon Cornforth using a hexacopter which he steered from solid ground. Continue reading


The Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America released the 2014 spring allergy capitals

The scores were calculated based on weighted factors like pollen levels, allergy-medication use, and the number of allergists per patient. The average city score is 59.92. Continue reading


7 Most Beautiful Places to Watch Sunsets

Watching the sun go down can be a mesmerising sight. When you’re planning your summer trip, take into account these seven places with the most stunning sunsets in the world. Here’s our 7 most beautiful places for sunsets. Continue reading


10 Most Beautiful Cities to Visit in Europe

Europe is an amazing place; everyone should make an effort to visit at least one place there in their lifetime. With so many fascinating European cities how do you pick just ten? We’ve selected the ones that best trace the history and culture of the continent that so influenced all corners of the globe. It’s in these ten cities that you begin to understand the different periods in European (and world) history, through stories of empires and conquests, and some of the greatest art and monuments ever created. Europe remains the world leader in art, architecture, food, fashion, design, and urban scenery, and here are the cities where you’ll see some of the best of it all. Continue reading


Beach Without the Sea in Spain

Playa de Gulpiyuri or the Gulpiyuri Beach is a shell shaped little beach located in the middle of a grassy meadow, near Llanes, a small town on the north central coast of Spain. The beach is located 100 meters from the sea but connected by a network of underground caves. You won’t see the vast ocean along the shores here but instead, the sight of a gorgeous little cove will greet you. Nevertheless, it’s a beach a waves still lap up against the shore as water from the Bay of Biscay continues to enter through the underground caves. While the beach is only 40 meters in length, there are occasionally surf in the shallow water. Continue reading